• I will not be accepting sick clients for any appointments.

  • If you or someone you are in close contact with is sick within 24 hours of your appointment, please cancel immediately by calling (302) 740-6363. I will help you reschedule your appointment for a later date.

  • You will need to call and reschedule your appointment if you are currently presenting any of the following symptoms: Fever in the last 24 hours, Chills, Fatigue, Cough, Sore Throat, Difficulty Breathing, Shortness of Breath, Loss of Sense of Taste or Smell, Muscle Pain, Body Aches, Headache, Congestion, Runny Nose, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea

If you have an underlying health condition we ask that you wait at least 14 days to return to the spa. In addition, if you have been ill or around someone who has been ill, please wait 14 days to reschedule your appointment. If you have any questions or concerns please call me at (302) 740-6363.